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NY Times Best Selling List: Postal Exam 916, Postal Exam 931, Postal Exam 932, Postal Exam 933, Postal Exam 943, Postal Exam 944

August 4, 2008

Are you looking for a postal exam study guide that is not related to the 470 or 473 exam?

If you are, please take a look at this top selling list of 8 USPS exam study guides. As you can see from the previous post, and has a great relationship with Our partnership with Amazon has really grown over the last few months and because of this, Amazon was happy to provide us with special pricing for the Top 8, Best Selling Postal Exam books not related to the 470 or 473 exam.

We have been told by Amazon that the prices on the these books are the lowest they have ever been and is the only website with prices this low.

1. Custodial Maintenance Exam 916 – Postal Exam 916
2. General Maintenance Mechanic Exam 931 – Postal Exam 931
3. Electronics Technician Exam 932 – Postal Exam 932
4. Maintenance Mechanic Exam 933 – Postal Exam 933
5. Automotive Mechanic Exam 943 – Postal Exam 943
6. Automotive Technician Exam 944 – Postal Exam 944
7. Postal Machines Mechanic Exam 933 – Postal Exam 933